The Cemco System

The 10 Point Program Includes:

  1. A professionally trained staff to monitor and update our market intelligence and qualify prospective candidates.
  2. Professional recruiting and search activity.
  3. One-on-one interface with the hiring authority.
  4. Development of a personality profile, a rate commitment, and ethics.
  5. Assessment and consultation on career goals and job suitability.
  6. Thorough appraisal of ability and accomplishments.
  7. Assessment of technical skills and achievements.
  8. Account Representatives’ review and evaluation of applicant’s compatibility.
  9. Presentation of client image, market status and pre-sell of client’s position.
  10. Negotiate and co-ordinate salaries, starting dates, and conditions of employment, including relocation information and assistance.

Additional Services

Three Point Wage and Salary Analysis:

  • Evaluation of current wage and salary administration for Information Technology professionals.
  • Comparison with competitive salaries in your industry.
  • Recommendation of suitable improvements to enhance your position.

Hiring Cycle Assistance Program:

  • Appraisal of the hiring process, including the procedures and participants.
  • Problem-solving determination.
  • Suggested solutions; taking advantage of current resources where possible.
  • Assistance with Federal Guidelines on Affirmative Action.

Out-Placement Assistance:

  • Resume Preparation
  • Interview Seminars
  • Market Consultation