About Cemco Systems

The Need for Executive Search

Today’s business climate finds many companies either too pressed for time or ill-equipped to handle the specialized task of recruiting qualified I.T. professionals. Advertising – the primary corporate recruiting vehicle – seldom attracts viable candidates. Many perceptive candidates will not blindly jeopardize their positions and must be approached on a personal and confidential basis. Technical personnel frequently must come from competitors but ethics preclude a corporate recruiter from approaching them. The utilization of an outside professional service overcomes these problems. Cemco Systems provides this service through its select staff of specialty-qualified consultants.

Reaching the Right Person

In many cases, the individual for whom you are looking is not looking for you. Simple reliance on advertising typically generates a large volume of paperwork but few viable candidates – if any. The candidate who is open to a better opportunity but is not actively looking will not respond. Direct, personal contact by a Cemco Systems consultant will uncover such people and enable you to select from the best qualified candidates – not just from those who are most available.

What You Can Expect from Every Cemco Systems Consultant

We have taken the same care in selecting our staff that we exercise in selecting candidates for you. Our staff specializes in the recruitment of Information Technology professionals. Each consultant is attuned to your needs, and knows the market. As a client of Cemco Systems, you can be assured that only the professional approach will be taken.

Benefits of Cemco Systems Search Techniques

Proper pre-screening of applicants before presentation conserves valuable management time.
Third-party involvement enables the client to maintain anonymity until the time a personal interview is arranged.
Proven recruiting techniques enables the client to select candidate from a larger field that is typically available.
The search will be conducted vigorously – minimizing the amount of time the position is vacant and maximizing continuity.